Acme Diesel


Seattle diesel

Acme Diesel is a Washington 502 producer/processor with three sungrown Tier-3 farms and one of the largest sun-supplemental indoor greenhouses in the state!

Acme Diesel Founder Myer Gold started cultivating his green thumb at the age of 17 in California. Myer studied cannabis cultivation in Humboldt and was trained under Ken Estes, the legendary Californian cannabis seed breeder and cultivator best known for developing the Grand Daddy Purp strain.


A Greenhouse Like No Other

Embracing Technology to Maximize Sustainability

Our plants feel right at home in our 22,000-square-foot Agra Tech Greenhouse, one of the largest cannabis homes in the state of Washington. Our Seattle diesel greenhouse maximizes the benefits of the sun, but protects our plants from the harsh evenings and winters. Our methods reduce energy consumption and maximize sustainability and resource conservation for the best Seattle diesel.

Myer Gold Acme Diesel Extracts and Flower
"We are a family of growers who use the sun to provide the highest grade of organic-soil-grown cannabis to the cannaisseurs of Washington State."
- Myer Gold, Acme Diesel


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